A Caregiver Helping Other Caregivers Survive and Thrive

Welcome to my blog on Caregiving Solutions for Mind/Body/Spirit Health. I view the expression of life as a spiritual journey and we are all on that journey together. Even if we do not know each other we are connected in life through the web of common experience and by simply being human. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. How we perceive that journey can have a great impact on our mental, emotional and physical health.
I have been a  professional caregiver through my work as a Dr. of Oriental Medicine for over 30 years. Along with this, I care for a beloved family member when I am away from the “day job”. I am also a Certified Stress and Wellness Consultant, counselor and author. I hope to bring my experiences in life to this blog in order to help others learn to navigate the caregiver role and all the changes that come with it with grace, growth and health. Blog posts are listed under the “Archives” category off to the side. Poke around and see if there is anything useful for you. All you have to lose is some stress, frustration and pain!
Thanks for stopping by!
Dr. Van R. Warren

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